Month: January 2017

Russia plans to land on the moon no later than 2029

The first Russian manned moon expedition will take place no later than 2029 - announced the director of the most important space industry company in Russia RKK Energia Vladimir Solewev.

The design and production of a space ship that will land on the Silver Globe will be handled by the former design office of the. Sergey Korolov, now known as the "Space" Missile and Space Corporation.

Landing Russians on the moon would be preceded by a series of experimental flights. They will be launched as early as 2021, "said Sołnowsw.

Cruises are scheduled for the International Space Station located in orbit. International Space Station). It now consists of 15 main modules and allows up to six crew members at the same time. The first modules of this station were put into orbit and merged in 1998.

In 2025 the Russian space ship will eventually be sent to the Moon. There will be no crew on this cruise. This is to create an infrastructure for the subsequent landing of the crew.

As the director of RKK Energia emphasized, the Russian plans for the "conquest" of the Moon are closely linked to the European Space Agency (ESA) program, which revealed a week ago the intention to build an "international research town on the moon." The construction of the base will be used robots.…

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