Month: December 2016

Electronics are expensive with brexit

Electronics are expensive with brexit

The decision of the British to leave the European Union is adversely affecting the prices of electronics. This is particularly evident on the example of the Surface Book, for which you have to pay much more than before.

A few months ago the British made a controversial decision to leave the European Union, apparently not quite aware of its consequences. The so-called. Brexit has caused a significant drop in the value of the British currency, which has forced companies to compensate for losses by significantly raising the prices of their equipment.

So did Microsoft, who raised the prices of laptops in the Surface Book family. Customers who would like to purchase this product now have to rely on the need to spend more money. At present, the basic model costs 1449 pounds, which is well over 150 pounds more, compared to the price of a few months ago.…

Plasma will not disappear from the stores. Panasonic does not forgive

The first major conferencing conferences at CES Las Vegas focus primarily on televisions. In the coming days we will have a chance to take a closer look at the presentations, but now the short presentation of the latest Panasonica TVs is coming to a close.

The quality of the picture, unimaginable a few years ago, resolution, integration with the Internet, services, and advanced accessories obviously attract a lot of attention - these are the areas where the biggest producers of televisions are focused.

Most of the competitors, however, have resigned from the production of plasma screens - which was mainly determined by economic considerations. Paradoxically, maybe thanks to the decision of competitors, Panasonic, who has always stood out in the field, now placed in a favorable position can do a lot of work, because after all, even though they are in the minority, enthusiasts of this technology is not lacking.…